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Anchors Aweigh!

A Farce at Sea by Craig Sodaro

Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood. Colorado

Directed by: Penny Phillips and Rhi Shapcott


Captain Creeg has great apprehensions about his next cruise on the S.S.  Flounder.  It’s sink or swim for the old schooner, as the mysterious owners of the line are aboard the old ship to decide her fate.  As if that wasn’t enough pressure, the cruise falls on June 10, a day the suspicious old sea salt has always dreaded!  Passengers arrive for the singles’ cruise, including a famous romance novelist looking for inspiration for her next novel, her chronically depressed secretary still pining for a lost love and a pair of small-time hoods as stowaways hoping to escape a big-time hood, Big Edie, who of course is also on board in pursuit.  Did we forget to mention the prince posing as a gangster to look for a bride because he believes showing a tough exterior is the best way to a woman’s heart?  You can just imagine all the trouble in which he quickly finds himself!  To add to the mayhem, a pair of tired old ladies flutter about the ship while a domineering mother tries to make her socially deprived sons more sociable, only to discover they become too social for her agenda!


Thursday 13th July ti Saturday 15th July at 7:30pm
Matinee on Saturday at 2:30pm

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17th Annual Biggest Morning Tea

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

In 2001 a few of us got together in the first week of June (actually it was me and seven others), and we held our first version of “Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea”.

It wasn’t all that grand, just a cup of something and a biscuit and we raised the princely sum of $64.00, which we sent to Cancer Council (SA), sort of promising we would do better next time. Since then there have been (15) other “next times”, with another to happen this year on the 1st June, when we will add to the total of $14,839.00 we have raised to date.

Along the way some changes have occurred, an important one being some years ago when the ladies from the Clovercrest Branch of Red Cross took over the catering as part of their commitment to supporting community activities. Since then the tea has been like a finger food lunch, a bit early in the day.

With long time support from Café Verdi at Fairview Green, The Golden Grove Tavern at Surrey Downs, and various other individuals, we also hold a raffle, which is underpinned by TTP donating the nett proceeds from the evening performance held on the same day, which bolsters the amounts raised.

This year it will be THURSDAY 1st JUNE at 10.00am for the 2017 version of this little event, and we look forward to a goodly number attending again this year, but if you can’t be there will be a number of collection boxes at every performance for “IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY” from 14th May to 3rd June.

Some of us don’t need your help, not yet at least, but there many others out there (and unfortunately some within our ranks) who could use all the help that is available.

Cost for the morning tea is $8.00. Please book  on 82955266.



No Sex Please, We’re British

26/06/2017, 28/06/2017

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