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Communicating Doors

a comedy/thriller by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by: Sam Creighton


An ingenious time-warp comedy which begins in the year 2014 when a prostitute, Poopay, is summoned to a luxury London hotel by an infirm elderly businessman, to witness a document detailing the murder of his two wives by his psychopathic business associate. When she escapes through the communicating door in this plush suite, she finds herself in the year 1994 confronting Ruella, the second wife, and having been told the truth Ruella uses the same method and finds herself in 1974 with the first wife. At this point she decides to rewrite the future, and how that occurs is an ingenious combination of reality and sci-fi leading to in an enthralling conclusion.


Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th April at 8.00pm

Tuesday 10th to Saturday 14th April at 8.00pm

Matinee each Saturday at 2.30pm

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