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Out Of Sight, Out Of Murder

a mystery/comedy by Fred Carmichael

Directed by: Theresa Dolman


Peter has come to a lovely old house to finish a play, a murder story in a place where another author had been murdered years before. A weird electrical storm causes a confused and chaotic state and his characters come to life. There is the lovely ingénue, the trusty butler, a feisty character woman, a dauntless hero, a fascinating ’other woman’ and a wily lawyer waiting for midnight to read the will. Peter loses control of his characters and after an attempted murder with him as the intended victim, other murders occur and events follow a typical thriller to a hair raising climax, until all is solved ingeniously with romance, suspense and cosmic wit.

Wednesday 22nd to Saturday 25th August at 8.00pm Tuesday 29th August to Saturday 1st September at 8.00pm Matinee each Saturday at 2,30pm
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17/07/2018, 19/07/2018

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