Jack Chesney and Charley Wykeham are undergraduates at Oxford University in love with, respectively, Kitty Verdun and Amy Spettigue. Charley receives word that his aunt, Donna Lucia d’Alvadorez, a rich widow from Brazil whom he has never met, is coming to visit him. The boys invite Amy and Kitty to lunch to meet her, also intending to declare their love to the girls. Fancourt Babberly (Babbs) uses Jack’s room to try on his costume for an amateur play in which he is taking part. Amy and Kitty arrive to meet Jack and Charley, but Donna Lucia has not arrived yet, and so the girls leave to go shopping until she shows up. Annoyed, Jack orders Charley to go to the railway station to wait for Donna Lucia. Jack soon receives an unexpected visit from his father. Charley receives a telegram saying that Donna Lucia will not be arriving for a few days. The boys panic: the girls are coming, and they won’t stay without a chaperone. Fortunately Babbs’s costume happens to be that of an old lady. Jack and Charley introduce Babbs as Charley’s aunt.


Wednesday 3 April 2024 – Saturday 6 April 2024
Performance at 8.00pm

Wednesday 10 April 2024 – Saturday 13 April 2024
Performance at 8.00pm

Saturday 6 April 2024, Sunday 7 April 2024, Saturday 13 April 2024
Matinee at 2.30pm

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